Woman in black

                                             Jacket : H&M
                                             Top: Cubus
                                             Tights: bik bok

Look what came in the mail!

I just want so much to learn to draw fashion and just get better,
So i got a book that is called 9heads and it's a great book really.
If you want to be a fashion designer you should get this book
because with this book you will learn so much about drawing fashion and
you can practice and practice and then you get better.
I really recommend this book.
And i also got some markers and a other book that is a little more heavier
and that book is called Colors for modern fashion,and that is a great book also.
Colors for modern fashion is a book that you will learn to color you sketch in those
Markers i have.
I have not been home lately so when i got home i saw the books in the living room
and i got really happy and just began to draw.

You can buy it on Amazon.com or 9headsmedia.com
if you want these books.