Four Letter Word

                                                  Vintage  denim shirt from Rokit

                                                            Mango bag

                                                  Shoes from secondhand

What i bought in London

                                                              Shoes from Zara

                                                                Bag from Mango

                                                    Vintage hat from Brick Lane marked

                                            Leather jacket from a vintage shop in the Brick Lane marked

                                                          Shoes from Topshop

This is not all  but i didn't want to show so much because  i want to show it when i'm wearing it^^



Robyn was really great and it was a really magical moment. There was so many drunk people  that i could not enjoy the moment  so much. But i really recommend a Robyn concert .You will not regret. I just loved when she was dancing. It's a wonderful experience. I just loved it !  


Me and Andy warhol

 I did shop alot in London and i will show you soon.  I had a great time in London and experienced many things. I recommend the musical Thriller if you are going to London because it was so awesome and a speechless performance.

Outfit today in London

Secondhand jacket

Sunglasses from H&M

Bag from Bik Bok

Shoes from Bianco Footwear

I'm in London

Today was my shopping day in London and i bought some  things. I bought some  high heel boots that i fell in love with and was expensive. I will show it later when i get home because i don't want to blog so much when i am in London. ^^


  Today me and my boyfriend went to a shop where there was alot of weird stuff and vintage : )

Inspiration : Karen and Avril's home

                                                 Pictures taken from