Mrs Cold

                                                 Top from a marked

                                                Denimshorts from Bik Bok

                                                Shoes from Bianco Footwear

Audrey Hepburn



                                                              Trousers from H&M

                                                              Sweater from Lindex

                                                             Red ring from Kappahl

                                                            Turquoise ring from  a marked

                                                            Shoes is my moms

My look today

Pants from H&M

Sweater from a marked

West from Bik Bok

Pictures taken by Isabel HR

My trip to Italy

Isabel,Marcus and moi


                                                              The house we lived in

Me and Marcus

Isabel and Isabel and me.

Party Party

The Class


Me and Eline

Gelato <3

Marcus and Isabel

Visit a School

The Devil's Brigde

That's all ! ^^